Spokane motorized window blinds and shades

12v window openers You've seen how handy our window blind and shade systems are, now you can use the same safe, low voltage technology to open and close your windows. It is simple to adapt this unit to most types of windows and skylights because it does not need to rotate in any way like hinged units do.

motorized window opener installation exampleHere's an unobtrusive 12 volt motorized window opener for controlling vents, windows, skylights and any other item you would like to move with a motorized actuator. It can be controlled by a simple switch, or with our optional remote controls.

We have also "Future Proofed" our RollerTrol Blind and Shade Products! If you later decide to expand your system, we have created an easy pathway that uses your existing hand held remotes, preserving your investment. Please read this to find out how to control our blind and shade motors with a pc, tablet, or phone.

The linear chain actuator pushes straight out from the fixed housing which lines up unobtrusively with your window frame, fastened in place with mounting screws. Attach the end of the chain actuator to the window with two screws and you're done!

Use it to control the motion of anything you want, including windows, greenhouse vents, skylights, etc. The flex link direct push drive has a 300mm stroke (~12"), the opening/closing force is approximately 200 Newtons (~40 lbs, ~20 kg), current consumption is ~1.5 A.

window typesIt can be adapted to work with most types of windows: single hung, double hung, hinged casement, skylights, etc. The internal electronics provide motor overload cutoff and travel limit stops.

You can buy these electric window openers in our online store.

Please keep in mind you can also use them with our web enabled USB transceiver, which further extends control to your phone, tablet, laptop or any other web enabled device (whether at home or away).

Care should be exercised when these units are installed where adults or children could get fingers caught in a closing window - serious injury could result. Use of insect screens can help eliminate this possibility.

motorized skylight opener motorized window opener for awning window
motorized window opener for casement window motorized window opener for hopper window
motorized skylight opener

If you need to make a large skylight or bottom-up shade, you could also consider using our ShadeSlider™ chain drive skylight shade motor kit. It does not require any spring loaded roller for operation, so it can handle large shades with ease.